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Innovating education with new technologies? or changing the pedagogy with technology?

The technology has transformed our lives, both at home, at school and at work. In most cases, they have transformed our lives, whether in content, in the speed with which it operates, the effectiveness of the results, and so on.

This is especially true in education. The use of new technologies in education does […]

Creating a “slidecast” presentation with Slideshare

I performed an experiment that consists of updating a Web 2.0 presentation posted on “Slideshare” a few months ago into a “slidecast”, in other words a “slideshare” presentation with audio.

I produced the mp3 audio file with The free “text-to-Speech” service “iSpeech” http://www.ispeech.org.

If I am satisfied?, No, I’m not happy with the result, but […]

… still talking about Syllabus…

教學大綱 (Syllabus)


After week 5, I kept thinking of the syllabus, not only as a descriptive document, but as a tool to support students in their educational adventure.

A syllabus for courses with an online component (fully online or blended) should be more flexible than the syllabus for traditional face-to-face classes, allowing students by […]

My conclusions for Week 5: The Online Syllabus

These are my conclusions from reading the Ko and Rossen, Chapter 5: Creating an Effective Online Syllabus.

Some suggestions are obvious, but probably necessary to avoid the traditional static syllabus that no student read. Most of the syllabus that I have met are created to meet institutional standards and serve as a reference to the […]

An interesting index of OER Resources

This list shows examples of OER, which, as explained: “The Open Educational Resources come in many shapes and sizes”.

This listing is part of the Free to Learn Guide (look in the Table of Contents: Index of OER Resources)

This guide describes Open Educational Resources (OER) as a cost-efficient method of improving the quality of […]