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Intellectual Property and Accessibility (w11)

The Ko and Rossen, Chapter 8: Copyright, Intellectual Property, and Open Educational Resources, to p. 241, makes a clear description of the topic but it applies to the United States only.

The Creative Commons Licensing

An interesting perspective!

When teachers or students want to use content created by another teacher or student, they need contact […]

Advantages and disadvantages of the educational use of Second Life (w9)

Second Life is a multi-user virtual platform for both formal and informal online learning. SL is an example of a new trend in social learning theory based on the idea that we can learn from our interactions in a social context.

Advantages 3D environment Free Highly adaptable Social Interaction through dialogue and collaboration Discovery […]

How to create better teachers? (w10)

Building and using Blogs!

(According to Dean Shareski: How To Make Better Teachers)

When you hear these statements you think of 2 possibilities:

It is a provocation to draw attention? or It is an oversimplification of complex issues?

But it really attracted my attention (i.e. met its goal), especially because I think a blog is […]

Teaching Concept Mapping (week 7)

This is an example of teaching about a graphical tool to organize and represent knowledge.

What is Concept maps? Presentation

[slideshare id=10014356&doc=conceptmapping-111103153842-phpapp02]

Concept maps are graphical tools for organizing and representing knowledge. Concept mapping may be an effective teaching tool to create:

Course material to creatively engage your students. To help students to help finding […]