Program for Online Teaching’s 2012-2013 Certificate Program

I finally completed the necessary steps to start moving my blog from to a private server hosting.

Moving my blog from the WordPress over to a new hosted server was painless. One export and import of the blog content did the job, and I was picking out a theme in no time. The longest process was the installation of the WordPress software on the new server location – which really has nothing to do with…

A separate issue, a little more time consuming, was making the necessary adjustments (still not finished …) and inclusion of plug-ins, etc.

This is my second try with POT Cert course and I’ll try to acquire good experiences and ideas to apply in my own online courses.
I’m looking forward this learning experience with POT Cert 2012-13.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I currently work as a teacher in University of Alcala, Madrid, Spain.

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Jaime Oyarzo Espinosa

Jaime Oyarzo Espinosa - Profesor Honorífico de Investigación Universidad de Alcalá Honorary Professor of Research University of Alcalá, Spain Instructional Designer Lund University Education, Sweden Dirección de proyectos e-Learning (América Latina, Africa) Me interesan los proyectos que vinculan innovación y aprendizaje con ayuda de la tecnología. Especialmente si tienen como objetivo una transformación personal, organizativa y de desarrollo económico para la región involucrada. Blog (Spanish): Blog (English):

8 thoughts on “Program for Online Teaching’s 2012-2013 Certificate Program”

  1. I’ll say it again – we’re really happy to have you back! You always have much rich experience to add. We have a number of people from Spain this year, which is great!

  2. Hola, Jaime!
    Welcome back to the course! Sounds like you have some experience with technology. What do you teach?
    My father is from Spain and I’m saving my pennies to visit next summer again.

  3. I’ teaching in Computer Sciences Dep. But e-learning has been my passion for a long time. For this reason I try to strengthen my knowledge in pedagogy by learning from experts. Spain is lovely!. I’m not originally from Spain and I am alternating my work with a university in Sweden. @Pilar Hernández

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