Week 6: Internet Skills, html code and embedded Videos

By taking the internet skill test, I found that I had most of the right answers but I couldn’t remember the URL to find an old version of a current website…

It is always useful to know basic html commands, especially to identify how a website is coded, but in practice, an instructional designer has limited use of writing html code due to the existence of rapid e-learning tools that require no html knowledge.

HTML or not?

This title is written using the html code: “<h4>HTML or not?</h4>”

To embed a video

The description about how to embed a video to a WordPress.com blog was really good and useful!

I have included a video of Sir Ken Robinson, one of my favourite authors. He brings always bright and critic educational perspectives. But this time I did not include a video of one of his lectures, but an animation about changing education paradigms. In this video I included the code



3 thoughts on “Week 6: Internet Skills, html code and embedded Videos

  1. I agree that knowing a little HTML might be useful from time to time, but with today’s tools, an online teacher could get along just fine without ever having to write any HTML.

    I like these kind of animations. They are fun to watch. Thanks for sharing this one.

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