Week 7: LMS – “to be or not to be”

Reading the chapter 6 of Ko&Rossen I found some mix of tips and point of view to highlight:

  • The fast technical development of new tools opens opportunities to educational institutions to adapt to different teaching strategies
  • The proliferation of tools makes it possible to find the tool that fit with a specific pedagogical need.
  • It is necessary to synchronize the Web tools with learning activities (assignments, discussions, group work).
  • Don’t rely on just one form of graded assignment.
  • The web site: www.edutools.info/course, a really good resource.

I have a shade of difference with the author in relation to the role of LMS (Learning management systems) and CMS (Content management systems) as the central node in the construction of an Online Classroom. Although LMS and CMS provide a centralized course management it goes the opposite way of the web 2.0 tools. In some way, the LMS is the online replica of the teacher role in the F2F environment.

LMSs have a dominant impact in the online teaching and learning in higher education for the last years. A Delta Initiative report shows that more than 90 per cent of colleges and universities have a standardized, institutional LMS implementation (‘)

We must pause a moment and think if we are not in the post-LMS era.

(*) Delta Initiative, “The State of Learning Management in Higher Education Systems,” report for the California State University System, 2009, see p. 5.

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