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100 Search Engines For Academic Research

Really good tools for academic research:

Search Engines For Academic Research

via 100 Search Engines For Academic Research.

Our Students Online, W.16

This week included a lot of reading I really enjoyed with. These moments are a good time to analyse and draw conclusions. Sometimes just to reflect about this experience, thinking about these surprising results, or trying to find what to do if?.

As Ko&Rossen say in the beginning of Chapter 10: Preparing Students for Online […]

Week 15: Screencasting and multimedia

To start, I’d like to show a presentation about learning technologies I did in spanish in a conference.

I connected the mind-mapping activity precisely with Concept maps as a graphical tools for organizing and presentation of knowledge. I tried with different tools, some known as CmapTools and others unknown like LucidChart and […]

Week 14: Creating Class Elements Part 2: Audio and video

Catching up …

A week exploring interesting web applications I already knew and had used. Always good to refresh your memory!. The highlight was updating a presentation on Slideshare with a “robotic” voice produced with a free text to speech web software. It was a new learning. Ejeyot was a discovery, simple to use, but […]

BBC News – UK universities \’face online threat\’

“Complacent” British universities that fail to respond to the rise of online universities will be swept away by global competition, says a report into the future of higher education.

BBC News – UK universities \’face online threat\’.