Week 14: Creating Class Elements Part 2: Audio and video

Catching up …

A week exploring interesting web applications I already knew and had used. Always good to refresh your memory!. The highlight was updating a presentation on Slideshare with a “robotic” voice produced with a free text to speech web software. It was a new learning. Ejeyot was a discovery, simple to use, but in which I repeated several times until I was satisfied with the result.

3 thoughts on “Week 14: Creating Class Elements Part 2: Audio and video

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has fallen behind this semester! I found this week’s assignments extremely difficult, and I didn’t have the language isssues to deal with.

  2. You have every reason Melissa, the difficulties increase progressively. But I probably would have left if the course was not a challenge. Personally I learned a lot, although I must constantly deal with the time I spend.

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