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What is the role of an e- Learning advisor?

The traditional roles of consultants and advisers have changed a lot and for the better in recent years.

What expect the customers or who hires the consultant?

One of the most important differences relates to that the consultant don’t do their work for them, he doesn’t-t sell them or tell them to do or use, whether a particular method, product or system.

What do you do then?

It helps them make informed decisions.

It is an interesting reflection of Jane Hart on The (new) role of the Workplace Learning Advisor

She describe more in detail how to help organizations and teams:

  • An update on what is happening in the world of training and learning at work.
  • Knowing the trends and collaboration methods, technologies and tools, as well as answer questions on these news and their implementation.
  • Providing a range of options (ideas and tips) to solve challenges, difficulties and problems.
  • Help them understand the pros and cons, costs and benefits of different solutions for the particular problems they face.
  • Supporting and guidance to implement the option they have chosen.

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