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3 Things That Will Impact eLearning in 2016

A general approach about the 2016 tendencies.


MOOC in the trends to watch out for in 2015 in international education

“MOOCs may have not lived up to the “disruptive” hype of 2012 but they are proving to be useful tasters for university level courses, expanding brand awareness and showing overall potential of online classrooms. But another platform that hasn’t had the dazzle or catchy nomenclature is truly making waves in education delivery and is only […]

“If developing countries allow themselves to be locked in to a certain MOOC platform, they may have to adhere to the foreign values put forth by the platform owners.”

Introducing MOOCs to Africa: New Economy Skills for Africa Program – ICT by Sandi Boga (Author), Rory McGreal (Author) Contributors: Athabasca University, Canada Publishers: COL (January […]

Top-Ten IT Issues, 2014: Be the Change You See (EDUCAUSE Review) | EDUCAUSE.edu

Now reading ….

Top-Ten IT Issues, 2014: Be the Change You See (EDUCAUSE Review) | EDUCAUSE.edu.  

Five myths about Moocs

On Five myths about Moocs, Diana Laurillard explains why a model based on unsupervised learning is not the answer and the MOOCs five myths:

the idea that ‘content is free’ in education that students can support each other that Moocs solve the problem of expensive undergraduate education that MOOCs address educational scarcity in emerging economies […]

What is the role of an e- Learning advisor?

The traditional roles of consultants and advisers have changed a lot and for the better in recent years.

What expect the customers or who hires the consultant?

One of the most important differences relates to that the consultant don’t do their work for them, he doesn’t-t sell them or tell them to do or use, […]