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Working at Home: Advantages & Disadvantages

There are many advantages of working from home. You can set your own hours, You do not need a particular costume, no travel costs included, ypu can be present when your child comes home from school, etc.

There are also some disadvantages of working at home: the distractions of friends and children, the support and […]

Week 13: Creating Class Elements Part 1: Images and screenshots

The Ko & Rossen, Chapter 9: Creating Courseware and Using Web 2.0 Tools provide good tips about designing web pages for instruction.

A detail: on page 251, the author is unclear to distinguish the use of sans-serif vs serif fonts.

The use of sans-serif for titles and headers, serif for the body of the text […]

The Horizon Report 2012: Higher Education Edition – some reflections…

Reading the Horizon Report 2012: Higher Education Edition, I found interesting the identification and description of the 6 emerging technologies with a high probability to have an impact over the coming 5 years in higher education:

Mobile Apps: Smartphones including the iPhone and Android have redefined what we mean by mobile computing Tablet Computing: […]

Computational Thinking

Which skills do you need?… to solve an equation, to plan a project to develop an outline for a writting assignment All these activities need similar skills.

Computational thinking builds on the power and limits of computing processes, whether they are executed by a human or by a machine.

Often we are confronted to problems […]

Social Networks and New Forms of Government

Us Now is a video produced in England which tells stories of online networks that challenge the common notion of hierarchy. This video includes interesting thoughts about a future form of government.

Cases are varied: from a football club owned and run by its fans, a bank in which everyone is the manager, and Couch […]

Advantages and disadvantages of the educational use of Second Life (w9)

Second Life is a multi-user virtual platform for both formal and informal online learning. SL is an example of a new trend in social learning theory based on the idea that we can learn from our interactions in a social context.

Advantages 3D environment Free Highly adaptable Social Interaction through dialogue and collaboration Discovery […]

Teaching Concept Mapping (week 7)

This is an example of teaching about a graphical tool to organize and represent knowledge.

What is Concept maps? Presentation

[slideshare id=10014356&doc=conceptmapping-111103153842-phpapp02]

Concept maps are graphical tools for organizing and representing knowledge. Concept mapping may be an effective teaching tool to create:

Course material to creatively engage your students. To help students to help finding […]

Innovating education with new technologies? or changing the pedagogy with technology?

The technology has transformed our lives, both at home, at school and at work. In most cases, they have transformed our lives, whether in content, in the speed with which it operates, the effectiveness of the results, and so on.

This is especially true in education. The use of new technologies in education does […]

An interesting index of OER Resources

This list shows examples of OER, which, as explained: “The Open Educational Resources come in many shapes and sizes”.

This listing is part of the Free to Learn Guide (look in the Table of Contents: Index of OER Resources)

This guide describes Open Educational Resources (OER) as a cost-efficient method of improving the quality of […]

My presentation to Pedagogy First!-course

My name is Jaime Oyarzo. I work as Associated Professor in the Department of Computer Sciences in Alcala University, Madrid-Spain and I am working as e-learning consultant, author and teacher for blended courses and diploma programs targeting Latin American universities.

I enjoy learning new things, particularly related with the innovation in the teaching and learning […]