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Free Tools for your online courses

image from http://apkcnet.com

A very interesting collection of free tools


How to teach programming/coding?

What is the best way to learn/teach programming/coding? For example: JavaScript, HTML / CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, APIs

It isn’t easy to teach and learn online technical subjects such as programming. In my opinion, you need to change the learning paradigm by: transferring the student the learning responsability for their […]

W22: Personal Learning Networks

One of the things that I find particularly interesting is to collect ideas and inspiration from outstanding lecturers, teachers and writers.

From Ko & Rossen, Chapter 14: “Taking Advantage of New Opportunities”, I have found interesting proposals on activities that I would like to further develop in relation to online teaching:

Training covering teaching methods […]

W 21: Introduction to Online Education Theory

Really interesting article Larry Sanger, Individual Knowledge in the Internet Age (2010), especially regarding the three common strands of current thought about education and the Internet:

The instant availability of information online makes the memorization of facts unnecessary or less necessary. The virtues of collaborative learning as superior to outmoded individual learning. Lengthy, complex books, […]

Week 10: open platforms for online courses

I found some very good recommendations related to weekly blogs responses, which should answer at least 3 questions:

What did you learn this week? How do you connect what you learned with your experienced or with what you already know? How could you apply your new knowledge?

One particularly interesting in this chapter is related […]

W8: LMS – “to be or not to be” (the continuous discussion …)

So far, my perception that the LMS were showing their limitations as innovative Web tool, was intuitive. In my experiences in online and blended courses, the LMS did not cover my expectations or those of my students. The effort to manage and master the functions of the LMS did not translate into clear benefits. I […]

Week 7: LMS – “to be or not to be”

Reading the chapter 6 of Ko&Rossen I found some mix of tips and point of view to highlight:

The fast technical development of new tools opens opportunities to educational institutions to adapt to different teaching strategies The proliferation of tools makes it possible to find the tool that fit with a specific pedagogical need. It […]

Week 6: Internet Skills, html code and embedded Videos

By taking the internet skill test, I found that I had most of the right answers but I couldn’t remember the URL to find an old version of a current website…

It is always useful to know basic html commands, especially to identify how a website is coded, but in practice, an instructional designer has […]

Available now: a guide to using Twitter in university research, teaching, and impact activities Impact of Social Sciences

An interesting guide to using Twitter in university research, and teaching, available to download as a PDF.

Available now: a guide to using Twitter in university research, teaching, and impact activities Impact of Social Sciences.

Moving My WordPress Blog to a New Domain

For a time I’ve been hosting one of my blog using WordPress.com http://jaimeoyarzo.wordpress.com/

Now I’m moving to a self-hosted blog using the WordPress.org software. You are looking to the new URL: http://alfavirtual.com/wp/virtualed/

Moving my blog from the WordPress over to my own hosted server was painless. One export and import did the job, and I […]