My Personal Learning Network

I started the creation of a personal site with iGoogle for some years ago, connecting my favourites news sites, my blog, additional interesting blogs, Web 2.0 tools and some useful personal bookmarks, both in English and Spanish.

The last months I have reflected a lot about the way I’m working with my personal learning, specially using technology to expand my learning network.

I participated recently during 8 weeks in a MOOC course (Massive Open Online Class), EduMOOC “Online Learning Today…and Tomorrow”, conducted by the Center for Online Learning, Research and Service at the University of Illinois Springfield.

One of the discussions handled with how the personal online learning networks are changing the way we learn.

So now am I changing my personal site and creating my own personal learning network.

This picture reflects my preliminary conclusions. Probably I’ll create 3 tabs:

  • General (news, information),
  • Resources (OER),
  • Web 2.0 Tools.
Ideas to enhance my PLN