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Getting started with Program For Online Teaching class

Week 1 – my reflexions 


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First let me introduce myself: My name is Jaime Oyarzo. I am an Associated Professor in the Department of Computer Sciences in Alcala University, Madrid-Spain and e-learning consultant at a Swedish university.

I enjoy learning new things, particularly related with the innovation in the teaching and learning process with help of TICs and the Web.

I have some experience in blended teaching, which both face-to-face sessions and online periods, aimed at teachers of Latin American universities in virtual pedagogy, instructional design and open educational resources. The aim of these courses is the acquisition of pedagogical and technical skills, which combined with the academic experience, help teachers to develop active learning environments.

I have used different LMS (Blackboard, Moodle, Claroline, etc.). I will probably continue using Moodle in my blended and online courses. Moodle is more flexible than others LMS, but, like all LMS, it creates a somewhat static environment. The combination and connexion of social media tools introduce more flexibility to the virtual learning environment and allow the creation of a more active and participatory context.

I like blogs, because it provides a good place for a personal reflexion and opens the opportunity for students to argue and develop a more elaborate response or reflection than a simple multiple option questionnaire.

My participation in this PortCert course gives me a unique chance to combine different tools. I admire the elegant way Lisa and her team solve the connection between the central POT Blog with participants blogs. It’s interesting the way WordPress is integrated with plugins like “FeedWordPress” (an Atom/RSS aggregator which syndicates extern chosen content from feeds into a WordPress blog) and the “Add Link” plugin which enables POT participants to add links to the POT blog.

Even though I have some experience in blended teaching, I need to reinforce my skills and learn from this experience to apply it to my own “constructions”.

By Jaime Oyarzo Espinosa

Jaime Oyarzo Espinosa -
Honorary Professor of Research University of Alcalá, Spain
Cátedra UNESCO de Educación Científica para América Latina y El Caribe EDUCALYC
Professor, Master in Experimental Sciences and Technology, National University of Córdoba, Argentina
Boletín de noticias eLearning
Blog (Spanish):
Blog (English):

Awards for educational innovation, member of research groups and scientific councils of conferences and scientific journals.
Instructional design experience, advisor in virtual universities, curricular redesign and university online strategy.
European Union and European Universities projects for Ethiopia and Latin America. Coordination of workshops and courses in instructional design and digital teacher competencies.
I am passionate about the integration of technology and the contribution to a paradigm shift in education.
I maintain a network of contacts with specialists in different areas and countries. I consider education as a key factor for the economic development of developing countries and regions.

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Hi Javier,
Welcome to the class. It looks like you have a lot of experience. I look forward to reading your posts and learning from you too.

Welcome to potcert. I agree with you about blending tools, especially when operating within an LMS framework, and I look forward to learning more about how you do that over the semester.

Thanks for joining us.


Sure Jaime. I am having some problems to reflect my thoughts in English. What I did is not to translate, maybe it sound like a child baby speaking english but I am improving both, my writing and my thinking. 🙂 You have my mail and twitter, please feel free to contact me. Would be nice to think and talk about all this matters also in Spanish. But, both, your English and you teaching background is better, so you would have to teach me a lot. 😉

See you online.

Hola Jaime

I have taught a couple of blended courses (my institutions in California require moodle), and I also want to work on extending beyond moodle to make the learning space more fluid and creative. Looking forward to learning with you, and nice learning pic!

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