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Week 14: Creating Class Elements Part 2: Audio and video

Catching up …

A week exploring interesting web applications I already knew and had used. Always good to refresh your memory!. The highlight was updating a presentation on Slideshare with a “robotic” voice produced with a free text to speech web software. It was a new learning. Ejeyot was a discovery, simple to use, but in which I repeated several times until I was satisfied with the result.

Web2 learning2 v2 from Jaime Oyarzo Espinosa

By Jaime Oyarzo Espinosa

Jaime Oyarzo Espinosa -
Honorary Professor of Research University of Alcalá, Spain
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Awards for educational innovation, member of research groups and scientific councils of conferences and scientific journals.
Instructional design experience, advisor in virtual universities, curricular redesign and university online strategy.
European Union and European Universities projects for Ethiopia and Latin America. Coordination of workshops and courses in instructional design and digital teacher competencies.
I am passionate about the integration of technology and the contribution to a paradigm shift in education.
I maintain a network of contacts with specialists in different areas and countries. I consider education as a key factor for the economic development of developing countries and regions.

3 replies on “Week 14: Creating Class Elements Part 2: Audio and video”

I’m glad I’m not the only one who has fallen behind this semester! I found this week’s assignments extremely difficult, and I didn’t have the language isssues to deal with.

You have every reason Melissa, the difficulties increase progressively. But I probably would have left if the course was not a challenge. Personally I learned a lot, although I must constantly deal with the time I spend.

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