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6 Ways Tech Will Change Education Forever

 6 Ways Tech Will Change Education Forever

As part of a discussion on the future of higher education in New York University (NYU), a group of academics and entrepreneurs were given the mission to predict the future of traditional universities.

6 Ways Tech Will Change Education Forever

All agreed that: “We are experiencing a time of radical restructuring of higher education. The status quo is no longer an option. ”

Here are six great ideas about how technology is about to dramatically change education:

1. Discovering New Talent

We lose because we do not know how to identify talented students. “If we use it correctly, technology will become a talent identifier.”

2. Democratization of Education

Many universities are expensive and have limited capacity. We can make a comparison with the life cycle of a product or service as the first computers and TVs “Initially, products and services are so costly and complicated that only the wealthy have access”

“The people who jumped on first to online learning were the ones who couldn’t come to NYU. It was better than nothing,” he said. “But the technology will get better and better and then the customers get sucked out. The question is not whether this will occur, but what role universities will play.”

3. Flexible financing

Often, the investment required to complete university studies become a barrier, particularly these days, when a degree does not necessarily equate to a job after college.

4. More practical skills training over soft skills

Several studies report that students wasn’t prepared for life in the real world. Two thirds of college graduates will need further training after graduation.

5. Studying as a Decentralized Experience

“At the beginning of the universities, the student had to be in the same place as the teacher and if he wanted to read a book, he had to go to the library. Obviously, said Albert Wenger, of Union Square Ventures, that’s no longer the case.”

6. The university of tomorrow will not look like a university (or a MOOC).

“The university of today is associated with rigid structures that are part of the academic routine: the concept of class, course, grade, credit, degree, department, major, etc. However, the only real thing are the students and the knowledge of things is real. Being able to convey this knowledge. People will find alternate ways to teach those things.”