e-Learning Strategy MOOC OER

“If developing countries allow themselves to be locked in to a certain MOOC platform, they may have to adhere to the foreign values put forth by the platform owners.”

by Sandi Boga (Author), Rory McGreal (Author)
Contributors: Athabasca University, Canada
Publishers: COL (January 2014)
OER Online Pedagogy

Week 12: Resources Online

I use to access Open Educational Resources to:

  • recommend content to teachers who are building online courses or are adapting their face-to-face courses to a blended methodology.
  • to explore Open Educational Resources both in Spanish as in English.

Some of the OER sites I visit to explore didactic materials:

I read the chapter 8: Open Educational Resources.

Lifelong Learning OER

An interesting index of OER Resources

This list shows examples of OER, which, as explained: “The Open Educational Resources come in many shapes and sizes”.

This listing is part of the Free to Learn Guide (look in the Table of Contents: Index of OER Resources)

This guide describes Open Educational Resources (OER) as a cost-efficient method of improving the quality of teaching and learning while at the same time reducing costs imposed on students related to the purchase of expensive commercial textbooks and learning materials.